Odor Eliminator is Increasing Market Penetration with Environment

Chemicals & Materials August 08, 2019 Matt

Odor is defined as any smell detected due to volatile compounds. Odor can be technically both pleasant and unpleasant, however, it is mostly associated with the latter one. Unpleasant odor is also known by many other names such as malodor, stench, reek and/or stink. The foul odor has been the cause of trouble since ages, however, the improving standard of living and increasing per capita income have resulted in more focus on odor control in the environment.

Many chemicals and non-chemical means are utilized for controlling odor in the environment. Use of natural fragrances (from flower extracts and other means) were the very initial remedies, which were used for odor control where the pleasant odor is used to mask the unpleasant one. However, with the evolution, more methods of controlling odor came into existence, including the ones eliminating malodor-causing volatile compounds and treating the source to prevent the production of these compounds.

Bioenzymes Creating Their Own Niche Market:

Bioenzyme based odor eliminator is expected to show a significant increase in the growth rate. The significant increase is mainly due to the increased usage of this material based odor eliminator in the developed countries. Bioenzyme based odor eliminators are premium products with a higher cost

when compared to other materials (activated charcoal, zeolites, among other chemicals). Adding to this is the stringent government regulations in the developing countries which have led to an increase in the usage of bioenzymes odor eliminator. (More information will be available in Original Report.)

Market Overview:

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) has functions of providing thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. This is done using various equipment including heating systems, cooling systems, air flow controllers, odor and contamination control equipment. Heating and cooling systems are used to provide comfortable temperature as per requirement whereas odor control equipment is used to avoid foul odor in the surroundings. (More information will be available in Original Report.)

Segmented Addressable Market (SAM):

Odor eliminator is the segmented addressable market for the study. Odor eliminator has wide application areas when compared to fragrance and water purification market. Odor eliminator has application areas, which include residential, industrial and commercial. Odor eliminator neutralizes and eliminates the cause of the odor from its root. Odor eliminators are also being introduced to several new applications such as coatings & paints and coated papers. This has led to an added increase in the demand for the odor eliminator. This report is aimed at assessing and analyzing the market trends of odor eliminator across geographies and applications areas. (More information will be available in Original Report.)

Market Outlook:

The increasing awareness among people about clean and hygienic environment has led to the increase in the usage of odor eliminators. These products not only neutralize the foul smell from the environment but also eliminate them. Activated charcoal, which has the major share of the market volume uses the property of adsorption in the odor elimination procedure. Bioenzymes are premium products used mainly in the developed countries and they tend to remove the odor from the root cause. Other materials, mostly chemicals are also used. (More information will be available in Original Report.)