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Global Fingerprint Module Market – by Sensor Type, End User, Region - Market Size, Demand Forecasts, Company Profiles, Industry Trends and Updates (2018 - 2025)

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Global Fingerprint Module Market – by Sensor Type, End User, Region - Market Size, Demand Forecasts, Company Profiles, Industry Trends and Updates (2018 - 2025)

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Fingerprint module market is a security device technology with the combination of both hardware and software to identify and provide an individual with a unique authentication to grant or deny an access to a computer system or a device. They capture the digital image of one’s fingerprint as live scan which stores a biometric template used for matching patterns whenever in use. The sensors used in the module capture light and convert these into electronic signals that create the similar image
Demand Scenario
The global fingerprint module market was USD 3.47 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 7.24 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 11.08% during the forecast period
Growth by Region
North America is considered to be the largest as well as the earliest adopter of the market for these modules due to the presence of high literacy and technological knowledge, technical integration as well as presence of major key players like Apple, Synaptics etc. The Asia Pacific region will grow at a fast pace adopting the Fingerprint modules. This is mainly due to the increasing personal disposable income which is leading to increase in demand for luxurious smartphones, laptops with latest technologies.
• Support by Government for adoption of these sensors.
• Usage of Biometrics in E-commerce
• Adoption of in-display fingerprint sensors
• Growing use of bezel-less screens in technologies
• Increasing security concerns regarding electronic financial transactions to avoid cybercrime.
• Hardware and software programs used to make the module are very expensive.
• Requires high level of knowledge and expertise
Industry Trends & Updates
• The optical sensors are expected to show drastic growth during the forecast period whereas currently the touch sensors hold the highest share of market.
• The market will soon be driven by the rapid integration of the fingerprint module with the smart cards in the coming years.
• Nomad, the latest line of biometric fingerprint modules and readers was recently introduced by Crossmatch – a top market leader in biometric industry management and solutions to facilitate lightweight, space-saving modules and pocket-friendly compact readers.
• The fastest automated fingerprint identification system in the world was developed by the latest German biometrics provider, Dermalog AFIS.

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