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Hand Sanitizer Market Share, Size, Growth, trends and Outlook to 2028

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Hand Sanitizer Market Share, Size, Growth, trends and Outlook to 2028

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Hand sanitizer is an antiseptic liquid, foam, or gel used to inhibit the spread of infectious microorganisms and other harmful bacteria on the hands. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are generally more effective in eliminating microorganisms. The hand sanitizer is used to address microorganisms immune to soap and water. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers constitute another type of sanitizer. These do not strip away oils from the skin and retain moisture.

Global Hand sanitizer Market: Overview

.The Coronavirus, Covid-19, outbreak has a led to a exponential growth in the demand for hand sanitizers globally. The sudden spike in demand as the virus goes worlwide, manufacturers are increasing their production. Hand sanitizers are nowadays used as an alternative to washing hands using soap and water. Hand sanitizers are highly recommended because of their effectiveness in killing germs and microorganisms. Healthcare experts and the WHO have released guidelines to prevent people from becoming a means to communicate or contract the virus. Some guidelines have been published across public portals, online channels, and several other platforms. The active component in the hand sanitizers is alcohol. The alcohol based sanitizers account to the largest market share in the global hand sanitizers market. But because of the high alcohol content these hand rubs are placed in the flammable liquid categories which in turn questions the safety and effectiveness. The hand sanitizers find extensive use in the hospitals and food service providers where the hand hygiene is of high importance. The hand sanitizer market is expected to witness double digit growth in the forecast period.The global hand sanitizer market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period 2019-2027. Growing consumer inclination towards health & wellness and product innovation such as addition of alcohol free ingredients in formulation of sanitizers are projected to boost the growth of the global hand sanitizer market.The global hand sanitizer market size was valued at USD 2.7 billion in 2019.

The increasing awareness of health and hygiene among consumers is one of the primary factors that will trigger the growth of the hand sanitizer market in the coming years. The awareness regarding the importance of health and hygiene among consumers across the world has increased exponentially, primarily among consumers in developed countries such as the US, the UK, Germany, and others. The leading vendors and marketers in these countries are constantly focusing on digital marketing and promotional activities to spread the awareness of personal hygiene and hand sanitizer products. Moreover, several healthcare regulatory bodies are motivating the use of hand sanitizers among consumers. This will further lead the hand sanitizer market to register a CAGR of close to 9% during the forecast period.

Regional Overlook : 

With a complete study of the growth opportunities for the companies, the Americas will account for the highest hand sanitizer market revenue throughout the forecast period. The APAC region, however, will contribute the fastest growth in the market due to the increasing availability of products including hand washes and hand sanitizers.North America is projected to hold more than 28% value share of the global hand sanitizer market during the forecast period 2019-2028

Competitive Landscape: 

The Procter and Gamble company, Gojo industry Inc., Reckitt benckiser group Plc.,Best sanitizers Inc., The Himalaya drug company, Henkel corporation, Unilever, Kutol products company, Linkwell corporation,Vi-Jon Laboratories, Inc. These are some major key players playing vital role in Hand sanitizers Market.

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