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Due to the confidential nature of the market research reports, cancellation of orders will not be accepted after the project is confirmed, and Invoice is signed. However, refund is possible only in case of multiple payments and will be initiated at the earliest. In other cases, apart from this, the refund policy is not applicable. If you have any concerns related to the quality of a report, Mindaspire market research will address them at the earliest.

In certain cases, additional "passthrough" terms and conditions may apply to the use of third-party content, software or other services (collectively, "Third-Party Content"). Any such additional terms and conditions shall be delivered with applicable Third-Party Content. If upon reading such terms and conditions, you find you are ineligible or unable to comply with them through circumstances outside your control, then you are hereby required to contact Wiseguyreports.com within twenty-four (24) hours of purchase (in the case of Instant Online Delivery content) or receipt (in the case of other content) to explain your ineligibility. An appropriate solution will worked out at that time. If a call is not received in the allotted time, you are deemed to have approved and to be in compliance with the additional terms and conditions.

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  • You agree to abide by these Terms and conditions, Mindaspire market research reserve the right to make time to time changes to these Terms and Conditions at our absolute discretion.
  • Mindaspire Market Research as company has the right to make amendments to its product specifications and / or pricing without prior notice.
  • The Terms and Conditions effective at that time apply to your transaction with us for those which are available on the website at the time that you place your order and it is solely your responsibility to go through the terms and conditions before carrying out any transaction.
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  • Users can access reports anytime, anywhere without the need to carry physical copies or external storage devices.
  • "Online Access License" is the most economical means of getting deep insights and forecasts of any market.